About us

Welcome to Inkasissa!  

Inkasissa (Inka-Sisa) is a Quechua word that means Inca Flower.  Quechua is the native language of the decedents of the Incan Empire, living throughout Peru, and still widely spoken among the villages.  We try to incorporate the language, the heritage, and the quality of craftsmanship so bountiful in each scarf, sweater, and all the pieces else we produce.

Inkasissa is a dream between an American from Northeast Pennsylvania, USA and a Peruana from Lima, Peru. We met for first time in Lima on a short vacation of 10 days, we later traveled throughout Peru from Arequipa to Piura.  

For the past two and a half years, we have spent most of the year in the United States, but try to get away, back to Peru to explore the ruins and sites this gorgeous country has to offer. Every trip we try to visit and explore a handful of new cities, ruins, and sites. Throughout our travels, one thing that was immediately apparent is the amazing craftsmanship and distinct style of alpaca clothing produced and sold. Many of the villages and communities have a distinct style, but one element that rings throughout are the pallet of vivid colors used. Inkasissa aims to bring you a taste of our travels through the beautiful scarves, ponchos, ruanas, skirts, and other apparel, personally selected and produced in Peru. Future ambitions for our site include a blog to document our trips back to Peru, or wherever else we may find ourselves trekking in the future! So tune in and enjoy, and thank you for visiting our shop!


Inkasissa's mission is to provide the highest quality Alpaca clothing and accessories available.  We source, produce, and sell our products with a commitment to operating in a sustainable, eco-friendly mindset in all we do.  


  • Professionalism.
  • Quality.
  • Diversity.
  • Collaboration.
  • Passion.
  • Integrity.
  • Innovation and service.

Why Alpaca?

The herds of alpacas, which can be seen in great size in the southern of Peru cities like Puno,Cusco and Arequipa are a kaleidoscope of colors. Originally used by the Inca civilization for their fiber, and as a pack animal, to haul materials through the high ranges of the Andes, only the wealthy elite had access to alpaca clothing. Known as the "Fiber of the gods", alpaca wool is sorted into 22 different naturally occurring colors from browns to whites, and many shades in between, and can be spun into a lightweight or heavyweight fiber, depending on spinning process. Along with warmth and comfort, alpaca fibers are also highly water resistant.

There are two breeds of alpacas, Huacaya (wa-ki-ya) and Suri (surrey), both of which are luxuriously soft and warm. The fiber is several times warmer than sheeps wool and contains no lanolin, which makes the product hypoallergenic. Huacaya alpacas fiber is short, crimpy, "teddy bear" like, while Suri alpaca fiber is silky, straight and "pencil like". Alpaca clothing is classified by the quality of fibers used.  Inkasissa strives to use the highest quality alpaca fibers and bring the highest quality product to you.  Generally speaking, there are 5 classifications of fiber, measured in microns.

Royal: <18 microns
Superfine/Baby: 18-20 microns
Fine: 20 - 24.9 microns
Medium: 25 - 29.9 microns
Strong: 30+ microns

As you will have noticed if you looked through our products, the majority of our products consist of "baby alpaca" fiber.  I know you're probably thinking, and rightly so as it's in the name, that baby alpaca fiber is shorn from actual baby alpacas, however this isn't quite so.  Baby alpaca fiber is produced from the first time an alpaca is shorn.  The first shearing leads to the highest quality alpaca fiber that an alpaca will ever produce.  As the alpaca ages and depending on nutritional content of its diet, the fibers will thicken, increasing in size, and move down the fiber classification list.  Because of this, baby and royal alpaca fiber are rarer but provide maximum warmth and comfort!

Please, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns regarding Inkasissa or our products.  We would love to hear from you!