Our designs are inspired by the extraordinary artistic expression of the ancient Peruvians to create a product rich in style, tradition and culture. In each step of production, we strive to preserve the natural environment as well as help the local social economy.

Inkasissa.com offers new features, more customer services and a wider collection of quality alpaca products. We love the quality and greatly enjoy seeking out new and exciting examples of "wearable art" made with luxurious naturally unique alpaca fiber.

Alpaca fiber is considered one of the most luxurious and finest fibers in the world.  It has excellent thermal capacity, is exquisitely soft and extremely durable.


  • Thin - measuring under 17 microns for the highest quality, which imparts the fabric with its extremely soft feel.
  • Strong - three times stronger than sheeps wool and seven times warmer.
  • Thermal Insulation - Air trapped within the thin fibers are heated by the body, forming an insulated boundary to the elements.  
  • Water Repellent - The garments do not retain water water which makes it naturally rain resistant, and an excellent choice for any outdoor adventure.
  • Allergies - is hypo allergenic making it a great choice for people who cannot wear wool.  In some people this is because there is no lanolin or lanolin residue in the alpaca clothing.
  • Natures Pallet -  Alpaca clothing can be produced in 22 natural colors, with many shades in between.
  • Long Lasting Fit - Washable with lower tendency to shrink.
  • Resilient - your cherished alpaca clothing can last for many years.

For these values the alpaca fiber is considered the gold of the Andes.


  • More comfortable in cold weather.
  • Warm even when wet.
  • Better wicking of body moisture, superior breathability.
  • Resists odors.
  • Naturally wind resistant.
  • Excellent breath-ability.
  • Does not mat or pill.
  • Low static.
  • Wrinkle resistant (hang up and wrinkles fade away).

Inkasissa Collection  2017/18